Native Angel Services

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Spiritual & Intuitive Reiki Sessions:

How often do You get Reiki? Taking care of your spiritual & energetic self is just as important as taking care of your physical self.   

Some clients come only once, and their specific intentions have been realized, and they don't need to return for a while. Other clients choose to come weekly or bi-weekly if they're experienceing a multitude of issues they need to work on. Others choose to come monthly for maintenance, or to get their monthly "spiritual and energetic massage." 

First Session or Full Session - 120 Minute Appointment, 60-90 mins of Reiki, plus intuitive coaching, and discussion, $133

Maintenance/Regular Session - 60 Minute Appointment, up to 45 mins of Reiki, plus discussion, $88

Spiritual Intuitive Coaching - 50 mins - $88 (90 mins first session $133), or Via Telephone - $66/$111

Via Telephone - 60 - 120 Minutes, $66 - $111, Pre-paid

At Your Home or Office - Custom Pricing Will be Determined based on location, number of people, and specifics 

Children's Reiki Session, Under 12 Years Old

45 Minutes - $77 or $55 via telephone 

Animal Reiki - Yes, Animals benefit from Reiki too!

45 Minutes - $77 or $55 via telephone

Custom Pricing if Traveling to your Location

Home or Office Cleansing / Spacial Energy Boost

2 hour minimum - $222 & Up, depending on location and details. Please contact me for a custom quote.

Group Sessions Available

Custom Tailored, at my space or yours. Please contact me for a custom quote.

In Bereavement or Financial Hardship?

I offer deeply discounted pricing for anyone experiencing a recent loss, or current financial hardship, with Love.