About Intuitive Reiki

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Intuitive Reiki is not Your Average Reiki

Carmen is a Holy Fire Reiki Master Practitioner, and is also a Usui Reiki Level II Practitioner, but her healing modality goes much deeper than traditional Reiki. Carmen's calling to heal others was quickly realized after a session with a Shaman, where she was infused with strong spiritual connection, puzzling intuition, and she also developed the surprising ability to Channel spiritual messages. Carmen channels all of her Reiki sessions from a spiritual place. Using the channeled healing methods from Jesus and Angels, each session with Carmen is especially unique and powerful. Carmen and her clients are astounded at just how deep and meaningful the healings are. 


A Plethora of Useful Tools...

Carmen connects with Jesus, Angels, and Spirit Guides to help in your healing session, making each session especially meaningful. Carmen may also use the power of specific healing frequency music, singing bowls, rattles, crystals, stones, and essential oils in your session. Carmen is highly empathic, and can feel and release the negative emotions and physical trauma that might be holding you back. When Jesus, Angels, Guides, and Loved Ones intuitively manifest during your session to help in your healing, you get a powerful and beautiful outcome. 


A Plethora of Wonderful Results...

After a session, clients report immediate relief from stress, heartache, and anxiety. Physical pain, chronic pain, and emotional pain is often completely alleviated.  The result is typically an overall sense of balance, relief, peace, hope, strength, and happiness. Clarity of thought, direction, and overall mental clarity is also often achieved. Sometimes, one session is all that is needed.  Sometimes, more than one, or regular sessions, are preferred for your specific intentions.

"We are all but Spirits having a Human Experience...When we can Heal the Spirit, we can Heal the Human Experience." - Channeled Message