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reiki, relaxation, energy healer, light worker, de-stress, alternative healing

noun: "ray-kee" - a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into a person, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient's body, in order to restore physical & emotional well-being.

Native Angel Reiki is Christ-Centered Energy Work & Can Alleviate:

 Stress . Anxiety . Trauma . Anger . Fear . Physical Pain . Emotional Pain . Confusion . Hopelessness  Heartbreak . Injuries 

Negativity . Fertility Issues . Energetic Blocks . Addictions . De-Motivation

"We are all but Spirits having a Human experience... 

When we can Heal the Spirit, we can Heal the Human experience."  - Native Angel

Intuitive Reiki is not Your Average Reiki

Intuitive Reiki, psychic, reiki for relaxation, de-stress, reiki healer, energy worker, light worker

No, we don't serve martinis, but you might feel like we did. Each session is unique & special, tailored to your specific needs, and guided from a deeply intuitive, spiritual place. Carmen connects with Jesus, Angels & Spirit Guides to help in your healing session, making each session especially powerful. 

In a Session with Carmen, you will experience the healing power of special music, singing bowls, rattles, crystals, stones, or essential oils. Channeling spiritual messages through Jesus, your Angels & Spirit Guides is a regular occurance. After a session, clients report immediate relief from stress, heartache, physical and emotional pain and anxiety, as well as gaining an overall sense of peace, hope, strength & joy.

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Native Angel Services

Reiki, Light Worker, energy work, energy healer, alternative healing

Intuitive Reiki Sessions - 60-120 minutes

Monthly Maintenance/Energetic Massage

Children's Reiki Sessions

Animal Reiki

Spiritual Life Coaching

Home or Office Clearing / Spacial Energy Boost 

Group Sessions, Either at Your Space or Mine

Discounted Pricing Offered for a recent Bereavement 

or Financial Hardship

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Clients tell all, and it's both heart warming and fascinating. Many clients receive channeled messages and images from Carmen during a session. Some are basic images, hints, or suggestions. And some are very powerful messages from a place of intuition, various spirit guides, and even sometimes from passed loved ones.  

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